Zhenghai Real Estate

Yantai Zhenghai Real Estate Co., Ltd., founded in May 2012, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhenghai Group. The company adheres to the core values of " Unity , Integrity, Innovation and Win-win" of Zhenghai Group, and the cultural concept of " For the satisfaction of employee,customer and society ", and remains people-oriented for refined construction and excellency. It explores and practices its social responsibilities as an enterprise, being committed to becoming outstanding in the real-estate development. The company has completed various infrastructure projects of Zhenghai Group and its subsidiaries, achieving satisfactory fruits. In order to achieve long-term development and sustainable operation of the enterprise and explore the social effect of the brand Zhenghai, we started from the rare land resources in the core area of the Development Area, and realized comprehensive and integrated operation through real-estate development, cultivation of property management, advertising media, community management, houses leasing, etc. Zhenghai Building, a landmark high-rise office building in the Development Area developed and constructed in 2013, was officially put into service in March 2017. By the end of 2017, the Building was awarded the honorary title of "Taishan Cup" of Shandong Province. In the coming years, Yantai Zhenghai Real Estate Co., Ltd. will, as a support of the urban reconstruction planning of Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area, progressively develop the old plant area of Zhenghai and build Zhenghai Square into a landmark core commercial and residential area of the Development Area, making Zhenghai a recommended brand of high-quality residences among local citizens. Tel.: 6380576

TEL : 6380576