Company Profile

Yantai Zhenghai Investment  Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 with a registered capital of RMB100,000,000, which serves as an equity investment platform of Zhenghai Group, intended to provide investment management, merger & reorganization, financial consultation and enterprise management services. In January 2018, the Company completed the registration of private equity and venture capital fund managers in Asset Management Association of China (Registration No.: P1067082).

The Company adheres to the business philosophy of "Strive for the Well-being of Mankind and Achieve a Win-win Result with Partners", and is determined to become a reliable asset manager in China.

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Equity Investment

Riding on the rapid economic development in China, explore projects conforming to the laws of social development and meet the needs of better life with great growth potential and high added value, to advance together with enterprises and create rich capital returns for investors (institutions).

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Merger & Reorganization

Provide all-round financial services and professional support to enterprises. Provide merger & reorganization services to listed companies, covering assistance in target finding and selecting, the design of merger & reorganization scheme, negotiation regarding the object, and the financial support instrument of diversified merger & reorganization.

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Financial Consultation

Expand enterprise growth potential and enhance their stability while increasing the profit margin, the market share, and the brand influence, based on the professional teams which provide high-quality management schemes, financing schemes, financial schemes and capital market development path.

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Enterprise Management Service

By virtue of the Group's rich experience in entity operation and management consulting for 30 years, provide small and medium-sized enterprises with forward-looking, creative, targeted, feasible and standardized management services and systematic business management solutions.

Management Advantages
Entity Operation
Zhenghai Group has an industrial management experience of 30 years, with a wide, large-coverage, and low-relevance industrial layout, high recognition in related industries and strong cognitive ability in industries. Compared with common investment companies, Zhenghai has a more profound understanding of industries and projects.
Management Service
The experienced Group has constructed a mature management mode in strategic planning, project construction, financial management, production & management, corporate governance, human resources, internal control and supervision & management, etc., which can meet the demands for value-added services beyond capital of the targeted companies.
Capital Operation
The Group, with multiple public companies, is experienced in capital operation and insightful in IPO and post-listing operation. It can provide channels for the withdrawal of targeted companies based on its intermediary agency partners.
Brand and Capital
The Group is also superior in regional brand and capital. With the continuous expansion of the Group and the multiplication of listed companies, the influence of Zhenghai Brand in the society and capital market has been increasing, making itself a strategic investor that can be trusted by the targeted companies.