Cultural Events

Group Wedding

Since 2001, the Group has held 19 collective weddings, witnessing the happiness of 221 couples. The collective wedding is the number one project in the Group in terms of employee satisfaction for years, and has become a symbol of Zhenghai Corporate Culture.

Employee Care

Oath of Taking Office

In order to strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission and awareness of duty performance of senior executives, the Group issued the Oath Management System for Senior Executives of Zhenghai Group, and organize all the senior executives to make an oath before taking office, to demonstrate their commitment to practicing Zhenghai Culture, developing Zhenghai Industry and keep Zhenghai Bottom Line through a solemn ceremony.

Staff Activities

Basketball game, badminton game, Zhenghai Recitation Contest, Zhenghai Reading Party, Zhenghai English Corner... and other cultural activities with Zhenghai characteristics have been extensively praised by the public.

Social Responsibility

UP to now, the Group had made external donations of RMB 10.36 million in total. Based on the concept of "enjoy behaving virtuously and pass love on", the Group has set up a volunteer service team and carried out public welfare activities, such as station service, beach cleaning and elderly caring.