Zhenghai Research and Training

  Founded on June 29, 2018, Zhenghai Research and Training Center is an important part of the strategy of talent cultivation in Zhenghai Group, and also the inevitable approach for the Group to meet the demand for talents during its diversified and rapid development.

  At present, Zhenghai Research and Training Center has three basic organizations, namely Student Identification Center, Research and Development Center, and Management and Evaluation Center. Relying on the systems of lecturers, curricula, management and evaluation, Zhenghai Research and Training Center undertakes the student selection and organization, curriculum R&D and implementation, training effect evaluation, daily management, etc.

  To "Summarize Zhenghai Experience, Inherit Zhenghai Culture", Zhenghai Research and Training Center takes the career development of employees as the principal line, namely, the entry, integration, development, elite and excellence, and highlights the college student entry training, reserve cadre cultivation, new manager empowerment, experienced manager improvement, and excellent senior executive cultivation. It will produce the right talents for the development of Zhenghai by exploring and integrating internal and external training resources, offering the needed lectures and helping students to apply their knowledge.

Course Introduction

New Power Training Camp: help newly recruited students adapt to the changes in roles and environment as soon as possible;
Sequoia Plan: train reserve cadres in self-management and work management;
Post Experience Internalization Program: learn from senior managers, and inherit Zhenghai culture and experience;
TTT Program: cultivate internal lecturers of Zhenghai University;
MTP Program: sort out and deepen the management concepts and instruments of middle and senior management;
Basic Team Leader Training Program: improve the general management capability of team leaders.