Zhenghai Bio-tech was awarded with "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise"

11-19-2019 visits:1232


  On Oct. 30, 2019, the China Overseas Scholars Pioneer Park Alliance announced the selected list of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Pioneer Park for Chinese Overseas Students, and Zhenghai Bio-tech has made its mark.

  "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" refers to the typical enterprise with industry demonstration and social influence which, relying highly on the Pioneer Park and Chinese Overseas, is innovative and socially responsible, and has made outstanding contributions in local economic development. The selection activity was recommended by various units, and examined by the review committee. A total of 123 enterprises were shortlisted, including 5 in Shandong Province.

  The award of "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" is the recognition of the advanced medical technology transformation ability of an enterprise. Zhenghai Bio-tech, by virtue of its excellent resource integration, technology undertaking, independent innovation, and brand channel building capabilities, has successfully transformed its advanced medical technology into a large-scale and stable medical health industry. Zhenghai Bio-tech will make continued efforts to further reinforce the advanced medical technology transformation platform, serve the medical staff and patients with more advanced medical technologies and products, and advance the innovative development of the domestic medical industry, thus better giving back to society.