Youth to Strive for Brilliant Future

07-10-2019 visits:1270

On July 10, 2019, amid the youth ambient, the New Power Training Camp of Zhenghai Research and Training Center started a seven-day training.

"New Power Training Camp" is a customized training program by Zhenghai Research and Training Center for the newly recruited graduates in Zhenghai Group, targeting at the lack of working experience, shortage of working skills, difficulty in adapting to the environment and other problems faced by fresh employees in the workplace. Solutions are found in cultural integration, organizational cognition, workplace competence, workplace skills, workplace activities, etc., and the full-time training events are created by internal lecturers and external teachers of Zhenghai University. Such activities are expected to help newly recruited employees to have a profound understanding and recognition of Zhenghai Culture, adapt to their new roles, master basic workplace skills, communicate with each other, and improve workplace adaptability.

In addition to the customized content of the New Power Training Camp, Zhenghai Research and Training Center respects and inspires innovation and independence of newly recruited employees and guides them to participate in the training. Through classroom interaction, independent organization of debate, design and presentation of group learning results and others, the students will develop their teamwork, organization and learning abilities. Besides, based on the comprehensive performance and presentation of group learning results within the 7 days, excellent teams in 2019 New Power Training Camp were determined: three groups of students from Zhenghai Bio-tech (Zhao Yangsheng, Zou Lijia, Mu Shenyu, Wang Qianqian, Zhang Yunjing, Wei Jirui, Ren Lixia, Tian Meiping and Zhang Ying). In addition, based on the written examination results of this training and the mutual understanding & evaluation of the trainees within the 7 days, the 2019 New Power Excellent Trainees were decided: An Zhongxin and Li Liang from ZHmag; Zhao Yangsheng and Sun Yu from Zhenghai Bio-tech; Chu Hongyu and Ju Zhitao from Zhenghai HT. During the training, many trainees impressed us by their advantages: the best debater Mu Shenyu and the calm and elegant host Zou Lijia from Zhenghai Bio-tech, the basketball elite Zhang Qingji from ZHmag and so on. All the students have shown their competence in their practical actions, indicating us an awesome new generation and a foreseeable future!

The ending of the 7-day training is another beginning for the trainees. Hope the trainees will achieve more in Zhenghai and contribute to our Centenary Group!


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