Excellence-benchmarked for Self-improvement

11-04-2019 visits:1183

On November 2, 2019, Zhenghai Research and Training Center invited the Production Manager of Shanghai Gm Dongyue Automobile Co., Ltd. and the Operation Director of Yantai Branch of Shanghai Estra Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. to have a special training for more than 110 team leaders and production-managers of subsidiaries. The two lecturers, employing their practice and management experience, brought the trainees a brilliant and practical course themed on How to Serve as an Excellent Team Leader and Sharing of On-site Management Examples, which was acclaimed.

As Lao Tzu said, "The nine-story platform is constructed with handfuls of earth, and a thousand-mile journey starts from the first step". The quality and ability of the primary team leaders, the basic strength of manufacturing industry, are one of the cores for an enterprise to survive and develop. Zhenghai University, as the Group's talent cultivation platform, practically meets the requirements of the Chairman Bi on the training of basic staff, concerns the demands of junior managers, and assists subsidiaries to cultivate manager.

In 2019, Zhenghai Research and Training Center proposed and implemented the general-ability training program for team leaders at the grassroots level, to help team leaders of the subsidiaries to benchmark outstanding individuals or basic managers around, learn from the outstanding employees, summarize and practice, improve their own quality, lay a solid foundation, and assist the realization of "Centenary Zhenghai".


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